5 Secret
Resume Hacks
To Get You Shortlisted

The 'Must Have'
Resume & Cover Letter
Guide to getting shortlisted

  • Not sure where to start with creating a winning cover letter & resume?
  • Not sure how to stand out from the crowd?
  • Don't want your resume to get passed over?
  • Can't wait to get the invitation to interview?

Well, I have your back!
I would love to share some simple, easy job application writing hacks with you to show you:

  • How and where to start the resume & cover letter writing process
  • How to link your experience directly to the role you're applying for
  • How to write so the panel understands your experience and positions you as the best candidate for the job

"Hi Nikki, I called recruiting this morning and got the all clear that I passed!  Just wanted to thank you for all your help, guidance and coaching!"


"Wow!  I have just downloaded these resume hacks and I can't believe how many mistakes I was making with my resume and covering letters, no wonder I wasn't getting shortlisted!  These hacks are amazing and I can't wait to implement them...Thanks Nikki for sharing these amazing hacks"

Melissa Ahlquist

"After finishing the course I passed my panel interview and got my dream job - of which the interviewers told me only 10% of people are successful"

Sam Margetts


Hi, my name is Nikki

I'm the owner and founder of Accomplish Education and as a career coach and educator, I work with clients just like you to help you achieve your career goals and dreams.

My business is focussed on training - providing clients with the tools and knowledge to write an on point resume, cover letter, and applicant response that gets you shortlisted for THAT job.

I love teaching people this life-long skill that they can use over and over throughout their life to catapult their career.

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