Hi, I'm Nikki

I'm the owner and founder of Accomplish Education and as a career coach and educator, I work with clients just like you to help you achieve your career goals and dreams.

You should know...

I passionately believe that everyone (yes, YOU!) can get the job of their dreams.  

Whether you’re transitioning careers, aiming for that promotion, making your next move or applying for THAT job (the one that would be a game changer), with the right knowledge and information you can absolutely do it!

My business is focused on providing training, skills and strategy to get THAT job – providing clients with the tools and knowledge to write on-point job application documents that gets you shortlisted and then helping you prepare to WOW the panel and secure the job of your dreams.

I love teaching people these life-long skills that can be used over and over throughout their life to catapult their career. 

Why you should work with me...

I have 20 years’ experience working in Australian government roles, both state and federal, including frontline, training and education and recruitment roles.

I was inspired to found Accomplish Education after the continual frustration of sitting on recruitment panels and seeing people that would have been great in the role get passed over simply because they failed to articulate their value, skills and experience in a language the panel could understand and that positioned them as an excellent candidate for the role.

So instead of continuing to complain about the unfairness of it all, I used my Bachelor of Adult Vocational Education and my Graduate Certificate of Career Development Practices to create informative and contemporary online training and deliver 1 on 1 coaching to provide clients with the information, skills and strategy to get THAT job.  Now I could stop complaining that there was no training out there to help people navigate the murky recruitment waters and my clients could start getting shortlisted and winning interviews – WINNING!

As an active member of the Career Development Association of Australia my resources, training and advice is current, contemporary and evidence based.

I work with clients from a variety of backgrounds and experiences and particularly love working with people who are transitioning careers or industries.

I love showing people how they can translate their current experience and skills to align to a completely different industry or role and position themselves as an excellent candidate for the position.

My happy place is when my clients land the job of their dreams.

My happy place is when my clients land the job of their dreams.

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"Nikki is very approachable and the follow up support was amazing -  I couldn't have asked for anything better.
Highly recommend to anyone as I had a fantastic result with the assistance of Accomplish Education"

- Cathy

"Nikki has a wealth of knowledge and really helps open your eyes to the process and definitely gives you a competitive edge going in.  
Could not recommend a service more that Accomplish Education"

- James

"Hi Nikki, I called recruiting this morning and got the all clear that I passed!
Just wanted to thank you for all your help, guidance and coaching!"

- James

"Nikki was easy to work with and the process was very easy.
3 job interviews in one week!"

- Ravi

Accomplish Education - leading the way

What I believe in now and always

  • Education and Empowerment through Knowledge and Training.
  •  Delivering the training you need – no fluff, no waffle. 
  • Ease and simplicity – simple and effective training broken down into manageable bite-sized chunks. What you need to know, when you need to know it. 
  • Contemporary, relevant Australian content designed for the Australian employment environment. 

What makes me sad 

  • Cut and paste solutions – one size fits all.  
  • Shoddy content – quickly put together E-books with American pictures on the front.  
  • Ghosting you after they buy the training.  Learning support anyone? 
  • Pushing people across the line without any real development or learning. Education and Empowerment through Knowledge and Training.

Integrity, Impact & Results

I believe that education is the foundation of achieving your potential, reaching your dreams and positively impacting the world around you.

And I'm dedicated to improving employment opportunities wherever I can.

Research shows that adults with higher proficiency in literacy and numeracy have greater employment opportunities and access to better wages once employed.

So I choose to donate 5% of all profits from all my courses to The Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation (ALNF), who help to raise the literacy levels in Australia’s most marginalised communities.  So by educating yourself, you're helping to give education to others.

The ALNF provides funding, training, support and resources to individuals, families and schools, giving people a chance to reach their full potential and create positive impact within their communities.

Accomplish Education - improving employment opportunities

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