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Training & coaching to help you write winning job application documents to get you shortlisted and nail the interview and snag the job!

Are you battling in the dark when it comes to applying for THAT job?

Would you love some expert guidance and training to write winning, on-point and contemporary job application documents to get you shortlisted and the strategy to wow the panel during your interview and land THAT job?

The world of recruitment can be a confusing place; each job advertisement asks for different things in a different format and in a different type of language.  And then there’s the panel interview – trying to figure out how to completely answer the questions and give the panel the answers they want – exhausting!!

How much time have you spent googling:
How to write a resume?’.
‘What goes in a cover letter?’ or
‘Best way to answer interview questions?’ 

(and getting generic cookie-cutter responses that everyone else is getting).  

Step away from the scroll my friend and let’s spend your time strategically and productively learning skills and strategy that you can confidently implement (over and over again) to position you as the best candidate for the job – WINNING! 

Here's the thing (lean in close for a virtual whisper) – successful job application writing and panel interview performance is more science than art [insert virtual mic drop here 🎤]. Truly. There is skill and strategy behind writing winning job application documents and wowing the panel.  And these skills and strategy, like any, are completely learnable.  And I’m here to teach you them. 

I know that the recruitment process can make you feel overwhelmed, confused and lost in the whole process but I’ve got your back, walk this way...

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 "Nikki has a wealth of knowledge and really helps open your eyes to the process and definitely gives you a competitive edge going in.
         Could not recommend a service more than Accomplish Education." 


"Nikki was easy to work with and the process was very easy.
3 job interviews in one week!"


"The end result I received was of high standard, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Very approachable and follow up support was amazing. Highly recommend to anyone as I had a fantastic result with the assistance of Accomplish Education."