Have you tried to write your job application with no success or
maybe you don't even know where to start or what format to use?

Would you love to write a professional, on-point resume, cover letter and applicant response, confident in the knowledge that it’s exactly what your prospective employer is looking for?    

Well I’ve got your back…


Write a Winning a Job Application

Job application writing is more science than art, there’s a process, a formula and strategy to follow to write a quality, winning job application.

Stop googling ‘how to write a resume’ and getting cookie-cutter answers that everyone else is using.    

Stand out from the crowd and use our proven formula for writing winning job application documents.    

Job application writing is a learned skill that you can use over and over again throughout your career to win new positions, seek out new opportunities, apply for secondments and relieving opportunities and get promoted.  

Take control of your career and your future and learn how to write winning job applications!     

"Hi Nikki, I called recruiting this morning and got the all clear that I passed! Just wanted to thank you for all your help, guidance and coaching!"


"I found the course incredibly informative and would 100% recommend it"


"After finishing the course I got my dream job - of which the interviewers told me only 10% of people are successful."


Here's what we'll cover:

Toolkit 1

The Anatomy of a Position Description

Not all position descriptions and job advertisements are created equal!  But within each of these are important little nuggets of information that are crucial to your application.  Learn how to identify and extract these little gems so you can strategically write to them to create a stellar, on-point job application.

Toolkit 2

 Capability Frameworks

 This module will demystify capability frameworks and walk you through understanding a framework, breaking it down and showing you how to integrate it into your application documents so that you address both the position description and the government capability framework – winning!

Toolkit 3

Example Mining

 Your history is littered with gold dust – examples, skills, talents, and traits that show your prospective employer that you are the best person for the job. Some of these are obvious and some require a bit of digging.  Learn how to unearth quality, relevant examples, that directly relate to the position description, and showcase your talents and skills. 

Toolkit 4

Application Writing

This is where the magic happens!  We'll show you, step-by-step, the strategy and process of writing professional, quality, Applicant Tracking Friendly:

  • Cover Letters
  • Resumes
  • Applicant Responses

This module includes templates and examples to show you exactly what to do.

"Nikki was easy to work with and the process was very easy.  
3 job interviews in one week!"

- Ravi Gunaratnam

What's Inside

Get instant, life-time access to the toolkit inside our student portal. Best of all, the tutorials are updated regularly to ensure you’re learning about the latest industry trends and standards.

  • Streaming Videos

Watch anytime, anywhere as we walk you through the process

  • Audio Files

All video tutorials are provided in audio format so you can listen on the go

  • Worksheets

These are designed to help you apply what you've learned in the tutorial to help you craft your winning job application documents.

  • Templates

No need to start from scratch, we provide plug-n-play templates so that you can simply input your amazingness into a professionally designed, Applicant Tracking friendly, template

  • Examples

Take a sneaky-peek at winning cover letters, resumes and applicant responses to see how they should look and read.

I’m the owner and founder of Accomplish Education and as a career coach and educator, I work with clients just like you to help you achieve your career goals and dreams.  

My business is focussed on training – providing clients with the tools and knowledge to write an on-point resume, cover letter, and applicant response that gets you shortlisted for THAT job and provide interview coaching to help you ace your interview.

I find it so disheartening when I hear clients say they don’t have the skills and know-how to write a resume or craft an applicant response – YOU ABSOLUTELY DO –  I love teaching these processes and skills and am delighted when I see client’s produce beautifully written, winning job application documents that showcase their skills, talents and experience and the confidence and pride this brings.

I love teaching people these life-long skills that you can use over and over throughout your life to catapult your career.

Toolkit Pricing

Get Shortlisted

$347 AUD

  • One Time Payment

    • Over 2 hours of video lessons - broken down into bite-sized chunks
    • Downloadable worksheets that walk you through everything
    • Audio Files - listen to the training videos on the go
    • Cover Letter Template
    • Resume Template
    • Example Cover Letter, Resume & Applicant Response
    • Learning support when you need it
    • A risk-free 7 day money back guarantee
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VIP Upgrade

$797 AUD

  • Expert document review and feedback

    • The Get Shortlisted Course plus the following VIP inclusions:
    • Expert document review of up to 6 pages of your application documents
    • Feedback and suggestions for improvements
    • Written feedback provided via track changes
    • Professional proofreading
    • Suggestions for improvements to better showcase your skills & experience
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Ultimate VIP Upgrade

$997 AUD

  • Written Feedback & 1:1 Coaching

    • The Get Shortlisted Course
    • All of the VIP Upgrade Inclusions
    • 1 x hour 1:1 hour coaching session - receive tailored guidance & advice
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Any Questions?

Excellent - let's get started!  As soon as you purchase the toolkit you'll receive an email with login and password reset details.

This toolkit provides pre-recorded video tutorials, worksheets and plug-n-play templates and does not include live instruction or a personalised document review specific to your circumstances within the scope of the course.  

However, we are committed to supporting your learning journey. If you have any questions or need assistance with the tookit content, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].  We will gladly provide guidance and support you in understanding the toolkit content.  

Please note that while we cannot review your specific documents or offer personalised assistance as part of this product, we do offer a separate coaching service which some clients find beneficial in addition to the course material.  This service provides the opportunity for individualised support, guidance and feedback to your specific circumstances and documents.  Information about our coaching services can be found here.

Yes! This course covers the fundamental elements and techniques of job application writing and is applicable to any industry.

Honestly, this is absolutely an option. If you don’t have the time or desire to your write your own application, this is option for you but here’s some thoughts…

  • A professional writer is just that, a writer.  They may have the writing skills but no one knows you, your experience, history, skills, talents and your industry better than you.  You know the ins and outs of the work you’ve done and are best placed to make this shine in the eyes of a prospective employer - you just need the know how, which this course will teach you.
  • Every application should be different.  If you're applying for multiple different positions, even in the same industry, each application should talk directly to each specific job role.  Every time you apply for a different position, your resume, cover letter and applicant response should be tailored to the specific position description.  Every time.  So if you're applying for multiple different roles, if you're paying someone to write your documents, you'll still need to tailor and tweak them to each position you're applying for.  Why not just learn how to write to each of those positions?
  • How many times are you prepared to pay someone to write your job application?  Are you happy to pay someone every time you want to apply for a promotion, or a sideways transfer, or a secondment or relieving opportunity?  Or, would you rather learn the skills once and continually apply them throughout your career?  (That was a trick question, obviously the second option is the winner) 

F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Take as long as you need to do the course and come back to it anytime you want. Happy days.

Nope, the cost of the course is a one-time payment – no memberships or ongoing payments.

This course has been designed to be done at your own pace and so you can use each module as you need to. How long it takes you to complete will depend on if you’re creating new job application documents or re-working existing documents

We’re confident that this course will give you exactly what you need but we also get that there’s no one-size fits all (except for scarfs) so we offer a 7-day money back guarantee.  Just send us an email within 7 days of purchasing the course, tell us why it’s not for you and we’ll give you a full refund.

More questions?  Email us at [email protected]