Master the Art of
Job Interviews 

Empowering Job Seekers to Excel in Every Interview

- Learn the strategy and skills to -

  • Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and anxious every time you have a job interview?
  • Do you struggle to find the right words to impress potential employers?
  • Are you worried you won't effectively communicate your skills and experience to potential employers?
  • Are you stressed that your mind will go blank during the interview, and you'll stumble over your words and lose the opportunity to show case yourself?

Imagine being able to confidently walk into any interview knowing you can deliver responses with clarity and confidence and have the strategy and skills to expertly structure your responses to give the panel everything they need to tick the ‘recommended’ box.

Well I've got your back...

Here's what we'll cover:

Module 1

How to Reseach for Interveiw Success

Don’t get lost in research rabbit holes.  
Learn exactly what you need to know and how to find it, to strategically align your responses with the organisation and job role.
Gain the competitive edge and show the panel that you’re the ideal candidate for the role. 

Module 2

Planning & Preparation

Dive into the world of interview questions.
Learn to anticipate and strategically tackle any interview question, even the curly ones.
Uncover the secrets to crafting compelling, winning responses using proven formats.
Plus, gain invaluable insights into the practical logistics for your interview day. 

Module 3


Master the art of using perusal time strategically to set your interview up for success and uncover strategic approaches for every phase of the interview, from a compelling opening to a memorable close.
Uncover persuasive communication secrets and discover how to stay calm and confident and present professionally, while delivering winning interview answers.

It's time to equip yourself with the skills and strategies necessary to excel in job interviews and confidently pursue your career goals.


I used all of the methodologies from the training in my panel interview for the Fire Service and it was extremely helpful...and I GOT THE JOB!
The feedback on my interview performance was that it was excellent. I cannot recommend this program highly enough, it definitely made the difference. It’s not onerous and covers everything you need to know to get through what can be often a very daunting process. Thank you so much.


After completing the course, I now feel really confident to do my panel interview. The course was excellent - it was easy to follow, everything was well explained and covered everything I need to know about a panel interview.
I now get the importance of preparation, what to do when nerves strike and how to answer questions strategically.  
I would totally recommend this course – Do it! You have nothing to lose but lots to gain.


Although I have heaps of experience in interviews, I often kick myself for not getting the role.
I’ve learned some great new tips to help with my next interview. After completing RISE, I feel really confident to do a panel interview. I like how easy the course was to listen to, it was like sitting next to someone and them telling you how to do it and the course was easy to do in bits and pick up where I left off. I would highly recommend this cours


What's Inside

Get instant, life-time access to the course materials inside our student portal. Best of all, the tutorials are updated regularly to ensure you’re learning about the latest industry trends and standards.

  • Streaming Videos

Watch anytime, anywhere as we walk you through the process

  • Audio Files

All video tutorials are provided in audio format so you can listen on the go

  • Worksheets

These are designed to help you apply what you've learned in the tutorial to help you craft your winning job application documents.

  • Practice Interviews

Get confident answering interview questions by putting all your planning and preparation into action using our suite of practice interviews to rehearse and polish your interview skills and strategy.

  • Access to the App

Access to the course via an App so you can learn when and where you want, making the learning even more accessible.

Pre-Interview Confidence Booster

Access to a pre-interview pep-talk to help you get in the zone, focus on the right things and help you feel confident and capable, ready to succeed at your interview.

Tech Tutorials

Video tutorials that walk you through how to set up Zoom and Teams prior to your interview and how to use the functions and features within Zoom and Teams for interview success

Course Scheduling Tool

We understand life can get busy. That's why we've designed a PDF course scheduler to break down the program into manageable chunks, helping you plan and track your progress towards your goals

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I'm Nikki...

As an Interview Coach, my passion lies in helping job seekers and career changers secure their dream jobs.  

I've been on the other side of the hiring table, as a panel member in countless interviews, and I've seen individuals with incredible experience and skillsets miss out on opportunities simply because they weren't prepared for the interview process.  And let me tell you, it frustrated me to no end.  

That frustration led me to create RISE: Recruitment Interview Skills for Employment. I wanted to provide a solution for those who were missing out on job offers due to a lack of proper preparation.

I knew that with the right guidance and knowledge, these individuals would have the confidence and ability to excel in any interview.  RISE is not just a product to me; it's a tool to empower individuals and give them the skills and strategy they need to succeed.

RISE is more than just a checklist of interview questions and answers...

It's a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of the recruitment interview process.

From understanding the company culture to crafting compelling answers, to showcasing your unique value proposition, RISE equips you with the knowledge and confidence to stand out from the competition.

With RISE, you won't just be ticking boxes on a panel's marking matrix; you'll be exceeding their expectations.

You'll be able to confidently articulate your skills and experiences in a way that resonates with the interviewers.

You'll leave a lasting impression that sets you apart from the crowd.

With RISE, you'll have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make that happen.

Course Pricing

RISE - Recruitment Interview Skills for Employment

$227 AUD
  • One Time Payment

    • Over 2 hours of video lessons - broken down into bite-sized chunks
    • Downloadable worksheets that walk you through everything
    • Support when you need it
    • Bonus: Practice Interviews
    • Bonus: Course Scheduling Tool
    • Bonus: Tech Tutorials for Zoom and Teams Interviews
    • Bonus: Access to the App so you can learn when and where you want
    • Bonus: All lessons available as audio files so you can learn anywhere
    • Bonus: A Pre-Interview Audio Confidence Booster
    • A risk-free 7 day money back guarantee
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